Frequently Asked Questions

Are all AMA plans for sale?
No. We try not to infringe on the copyrights of other plans services. It is our intention to service our members, not to put other plans services out of business. We will supply the address or telephone number for other plans services.

How can I get an order form?
There is one in your Model Aviation magazine.

What type of payment is accepted?
Visa/MasterCard/Discover are accepted. Mail in orders can be paid by check, money order, or Visa/MasterCard/Discover. Sorry, we do not accept other credit cards.

Do you have a catalog?
No, All plans can be viewed on the AMA plans website at: plans.modelaircraft.org

Can you make the plans smaller or bigger?
Yes. Most of the time plans can be resized to fit the wingspan you want. Call for special requests and a price quote.

The plans I want is not listed. What can I do?
Sometimes we can find a vendor who can supply your needs. We will be glad to pass on the information at no charge.

What is your exchange and refund policy?
Once shipped, all sales are final. We will try our best to make sure the quality is good but we can not guarantee satisfaction. For example: kit plans are not always complete with templates.

How will the plan be shipped?
Plans are folded and sent by USPS Priority Mail. Foreign mail is folded and shipped in plastic mailers.

How long will it take to get my plans?
Normal shipping time is 1 to 3 weeks.

Do you have “walk-in sales” at the AMA Muncie site?
Yes. Plans ordered  can be picked up after 2 p.m.

Can I see the plans before I order?
You can go to our AMA plans website to view the plans at: https://plans.modelaircraft.org

Are pictures of the airplanes available?
Pictures of completed models built from Model Aviation magazine plans can be viewed on the AMA Web site www.modelaircraft.org. There are no pictures of airplanes built from the John Pond plan collection.