At a Glance


Wingspan: 30 inches

Length: 29.5 inches

Wing area: 233 sq. in.; 1.6 sq. ft.

Control throws: All surfaces: +/- .5 inches (high rate); +/- .25 inches (low rate)

Power system: Two 75- to 150-watt brushless power systems. Prototype uses two ElectriFly RimFire 250 brushless motors; two ElectriFly SS-8 8-amp ESCs; Master Airscrew 5 × 4.5 BN-series propellers; two 3S 450 mAh LiPo batteries; three Hitec HS-55 micro servos

Radio: Three-plus-channel transmitter and mini receiver

Flying weight: 15 to 20 ounces

SKU: MA1124

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